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[Review] The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa


Title: The Iron Knight
Author: Julie Kagawa
Pages: 386
Series: Iron Fey #4
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Date of Publication: October 25th, 2011
Source: NetGalley
Synopsis: (from Goodreads)
Ash, former prince of the Winter Court, gave up everything. His title, his home, even his vow of loyalty. All for a girl… and all for nothing.

Unless he can earn a soul.

To cold, emotionless faery prince Ash, love was a weakness for mortals and fools. His own love had died a horrible death, killing any gentler feelings the Winter prince might have had. Or so he thought.

Then Meghan Chase—a half human, half fey slip of a girl— smashed through his barricades, binding him to her irrevocably with his oath to be her knight. And when all of Faery nearly fell to the Iron fey, she severed their bond to save his life. Meghan is now the Iron Queen, ruler of a realm where no Winter or Summer fey can survive.

With the (unwelcome) company of his archrival, Summer Court prankster Puck, and the infuriating cait sith Grimalkin, Ash begins a journey he is bound to see through to its end— a quest to find a way to honor his solemn vow to stand by Meghan’s side.

To survive in the Iron realm, Ash must have a soul and a mortal body. But the tests he must face to earn these things are impossible. At least, no one has ever passed to tell the tale.

And then Ash learns something that changes everything. A truth that turns reality upside down, challenges his darkest beliefs and shows him that, sometimes, it takes more than courage to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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My Thoughts
Spoilers ahead!
Well, this certainly wasn't what I expected. As an Ash-addict for the last three books, I should have loved this one, right? And since I didn't particularly liked Meghan either, perfect, right? Yeah, no. As much as I dislike Meghan and as naive as she is, she makes this series. And if she misses ... there is something missing.

Getting to know Ash better was pure awesome. Add a heavy dose of Puck and Grimalkin, and you get a nice mix. Comfortable, but not that exciting, because - even if Puck adds some chaos - the naive/stupid chaos Meghan keeps with her was missed by me.

Also, why do authors insist on making their characters the absolute exception? Okay, the main character is allowed to be one. But in this case? Did she have to? Don't get me wrong, I really to like the outcome. Who wouldn't want to see Meghan and Ash married happily ever after? But we all - even Ash - accepted he had to become mortal for that, and consequently die sooner or later. But OF COURSE he remains fey - if only a little. He gets to keep a little of the glamour, the immortality. And that just annoys me. Really. Why can't literary characters be a little more normal, for once?

Then again, we probably wouldn't love them as much if they were more like us, right? It still bugs me. Puck wasn't much of a fight in this book either, he wasn't fighting for Meghan at all. I suppose that at this point there wasn't much to be fighting for, but in the first two books? He could have done more, definitely.


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